Sunday, 17 February 2013

Announcing Samsung UN60ES7100 - a pioneer in TV technology

What owners can do with the Samsung UN60ES7100

The Samsung UN60ES7100 is a 60-inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED high-definition smart TV set. (Other sets in the same line have 46- and 50-inch screens.) It is supported by a stand divided into four "feet." It is called a "smart TV" because it includes Internet access in addition to the features that have long been conventionally associated with TV sets. It was made available a little over a year ago, on February 13, 2012.

Features of the machine

The image aspect ratio (the proportion between its weight and height) of the Samsung is sixteen to nine, while the image contrast ratio (the proportion between the lightest and darkest colors that the TV is capable of displaying) is twenty million to one—which is more than desirable. It has a resolution of 1,080 pixels and a refresh rate (the number of times per second that the monitor is renewed) of 240.

When the TV is turned on, the display screen resembles that of a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone, with icons for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vimeo and other popular sites on the desktop, as well as tools and account management icons at the bottom of the screen. The Samsung comes equipped with a smart hub—a hub that has additional hardware enabling it to support other media types like FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface—this extends the range of a local area network) and Ethernet. It weighs 50.7 pounds.

As of now, the Samsung UN60ES7100 cannot be shipped outside the United States.

As a kind of "hybrid" machine, the Samsung UN60ES7100 makes it possible for the user to carry on more than one function at a time. One can, for instance, browse the Web or explore the smart hub while watching one’s favorite movies. Material that is available for viewing on Netflix, YouTube and other websites can also be viewed, either part-screen or full-screen. Since the websites of the major TV networks—such as CBS, NBC and USA—allow reruns of their most recent episodes to be viewed, this is one of the most attractive features of this smart TV, as owners can watch episodes of their favorite shows that they might have missed when they first came on.

Likewise, those who own a Samsung UN60ES7100 can chat with their friends online while watching TV—friends who may be watching the same thing on their smart TVs, which is just like watching with them in the same room, since you can discuss what is going on. You can also use any of the apps that you have downloaded from online.
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Signature services

Three "signature services" come installed on the TV—Family Story, with which you can upload photographs from a smartphone or other device and post messages; Fitness, for keeping track of how you follow your fitness regime; and Kids Story, which consists of a number of children’s learning programs.

3D glasses

The smart TV also comes with four pairs of Samsung SSG-4100GB 3D Active glasses, 2012 model, that run on a single nonstandard battery and require a Blu-Ray player or satellite/cable provider that can project 3D images.

Ratings—what customers are saying about this product

The Samsung UN60ES7100 has received an overall customer rating of four and a half stars by Amazon. There have been 99 customer reviews for this product, and the great majority of them are positive.

The glasses have also been given a rating of four and a half stars. One praised the qualify of the picture as well as the features; another said that it outperforms many of the cheaper TVs, calling the picture "bright, rich and clear;" and another placed the TV in his sunroom (two of the walls are mostly taken up by windows), where glare was something of a problem but he otherwise thinks that it is worth every penny.

And those who have not rated the product so highly, what are they saying?

One gave the TV only three stars, feeling that it was overpriced. Another had a problem with the TV flashing to the smart hub screen. "Absolutely horrid," said a third, who found the picture too grainy and had a problem with privacy, as the camera was always on. But such dissatisfied customers were quite a small minority.

A smart TV set like the Samsung UN60ES7100 is one of those big innovations that combine the features of previously existing technologies so that they can all be found on a single machine. Such innovations are great things to have in any household, as they provide "a world of entertainment."